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FoamShield™. A Revolutionary Way to Abate Asbestos Hazards.

FoamShield™ is an innovative product line that saves money, lives and the environment. It is is a revolutionary way to abate asbestos hazards and contain particulate matter while saving you money, time and resources. Our products produce a safer working environment than older methods of particulate containment.

What is FoamShield™?

FoamShield™ is an internationally available line of products that employ our patented method of particulate encapsulation. FoamShield™ is a line of non-toxic, green products that use water, surfactants and air to create a foam blanket that isolates hazardous particles during removal from structures. The product acts as a wetting agent and fiber containment system.

FoamShield™ is the only removal method that actually inhibits airborne particulate release at the point of disturbance. It is truly a pro-active procedure that can replace, in most instances, containment systems that attempt to control airborne fibers after they are generated.

Bio-Degradable and Safe

FoamShield™ offers specifically engineered products, equipment and consulting that assists with the abatement and cleanup of asbestos, including mastic removers, cleaners, tools, equipment and the training needed to use them efficiently.

FoamShield™ was developed primarily for the asbestos and demolition industry using biodegradable chemicals that are safe for humans and the environment. The foam containment system was developed in recognition of the need to provide a safer workplace for asbestos removal employees.


Distributorships and Licenses

FoamShield™ is pleased to offer the opportunity of distributing and licensing FoamShield™ in the United States and internationally.

Please contact FoamShield’s™ Corporate office for information on becoming a distributor or licensee.