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How It Works

FoamShield™ is a revolutionary way to abate asbestos and contain particulate matter while saving you money, time and resources. Our product produces a safer environment than older methods of particulate containment.

Traditional Asbestos Removal

Traditional Asbestos abatement uses amended water and extensive polyethylene containments to protect the environment from generated asbestos particulate and the worker that is disturbing asbestos and releasing particles into the air.

The New Way!

FoamShield’s™ patented process stops asbestos particles from becoming airborne.


Particles collide with foam and are thoroughly wetted and encapsulated so they are not released into the ambient air. Thus, with our process and system, the foam blanket becomes the containment and excessive protection protocols are not necessary.


Ultimately, using the FoamShield™ System creates a safer work environment at a lower cost, allowing you to often underbid your competitors. Additionally you are using a more environmentally sound and safer method.