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FoamShield™ is a company committed to environmental stewardship and keeping our world clean. Our products are not only biodegradable and non-toxic but also assist when natural and manmade disasters threaten our earth.

FoamShield™ can be applied to safely clean up disasters such as fire damaged structures, earthquake destruction, tsunamis, flooding and storm damage.

The FoamShield™ System offers not only dust suppression of ash, concrete dust and asbestos but the germicidal application of the foam is also useful in controlling particulates that contain harmful bacteria from animal and human waste and decomposition, so often present during ecological disasters.

Water pollution is of great concern to many municipalities and governments. FoamShield™ uses very little water compared to normal demolition, which helps prevent runoff pollution and conserves water resources.

Our system also allows salinated ocean water to be used in clean up thus saving scarce fresh water resources.